Non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants have drawn intense scrutiny from the federal government, as well as in several states, causing businesses to consider the enforceability of their agreements and how to protect their businesses. Jay Zweig recently sat down with Matt Crossman of the AccelPro Employment Law podcast to discuss the keys to effectively drafting and enforcing these agreements.

Click the link below to listen in on their insightful conversation.

AccelPro: On Crafting Effective and Enforceable Non-Compete Agreements

Ballard Spahr’s labor and employment lawyers regularly advise local and national employers on non-compete agreements, provisions regarding the non-solicitation of customers and employees, and confidentiality agreements. These agreements arise in the context of businesses protecting their legitimate proprietary interests and also when companies consider hiring employees who may be subject to these agreements with their prior employer. In addition to employment matters, restrictive covenants further arise in mergers and acquisitions, trade secret protection litigation, and may also have antitrust enforcement implications.