In response to dropping cases of COVID-19 in the City, on March 2, 2022, Philadelphia announced that it has moved into the “All Clear COVID Response Level,” and, as a result, will no longer enforce its indoor mask mandate.  The change is effective immediately for businesses and institutions.  The Philadelphia Department of Public Health also stressed that businesses may still require masks, and that the City may reinstate the mask mandate if COVID-19 cases rise, or a new variant develops.  In addition, masks will still be required in certain higher risk settings, health care institutions, congregate settings, and on public transportation.  In addition, the School Board of Philadelphia announced that mandatory masking in Philadelphia schools ended on March 9, 2022.  However, masking will still be required for pre-kindergarten classes, and masks will be required for one week after spring break to avoid a post-break surge in cases.  City buildings continued to require masking until March 7, and now, masks are optional for visitors and fully vaccinated staff, while unvaccinated staff are still required to wear two masks while indoors and around others.